There are more than 18 years of continuous work, the Trilight Mídia operates in the visual communication and advertising in foreign media covering the manufacture of signpost, banners, stickers, advertisement plates, triedro, minidoor, road panel and Front Light.

Trilight media is synonymous with innovation in media, being a precursor to the development of visual communication and foreign media OOH (Out of Home).

Also plays advertising on external media such as advertisement in buildings, road panels, minidoor, signs, among others, the advertiser may offer extensive coverage on disclosure. Our goal is to provide the best and newest on the market, in addition to providing the best spaces and places of great flow, which allows the advertiser to disclose strategically their products and brands to your target audience.

Contact the Trilight External Media. Rua Alagoas, 98. Bairro Poço Rico, Juiz de Fora, MG. E-mail: (32) 3211-9771 (32)98417-5738 (WhatsApp). Follow us on Facebook link